Timetable data

Please note that RSP data is of a technical nature, and you will require a good level of computer skills in order to be able to process the data.

Timetable data consists of the train service timetable information provided by the train operating companies. The data includes general timetable information such as departure and arrival times for all stations at which a train calls on its journey (e.g. origin, intermediate and terminating). This specification provides details of the structure and content of the timetable data.

The timetable data supplied as part of the RSP timetable data feed is sourced from Network Rail in a Common Interface Format (CIF) and is filtered to exclude non-passenger train services. Details of the structure and content of the data in the CIF can be found in this specification.

Timetable data (updated on a weekly basis) is available to download free of charge under an open style data licence from http://data.atoc.org/how-to

If you want to receive regular feeds of RSP data (fares, timetable and/or routeing), then you are required to pay a licence fee and sign an RSP data licence.

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