Planning & Production Board

Improving safety and value for money today, whilst planning for and securing the railway’s future.

The role of the Planning & Production Board is:

  • to take a whole system view to ensure that priority issues associated with industry alignment and third party investment are being acted on by relevant groups;
  • to champion relevant change and modernisation;
  • to ensure that the architecture in place is effective and adding value in the development of strategic plans on staff numbers, roles and skills, including work to build a national plan for addressing a range of productivity and diversity issues within the industry’s train driver management activities;
  • to facilitate and if necessary, require cooperation between industry parties to plan and deliver a sufficient, sustainable, safe, reliable, efficient railway for members, customers, funders and stakeholders now and in the future

Key areas of work include:

  • People: Driver Academy programme and People Strategy.
  • Security: Strategic plan for policing Britain’s railways.
  • Strategic planning: Whole Industry Strategic Plan, Decarbonisation, Station Strategy
  • Technology: Digital Railway

Planning & Production Board groups


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