Contractual & Regulatory Reform working group

Pursuing an agenda of contractual and regulatory reform designed to enable whole industry outcomes and closer working between stakeholders.


To seek a framework that is simple, clear and understandable with an alignment of objectives that gives confidence to the industry, users and taxpayers.


  • Industry seen to be leading and proactive on issues
  • Encourage transparent long term decision making and investment into UK rail industry
  • Reduce the regulatory burden – avoiding perverse incentives and unintended consequences
  • Deliver a regime based on an understanding of true long term costs and benefits to all parties
  • Mindful of the need for consistency, stability and policy evolution with an appropriate transition
  • Furthers the ability to align individual company actions with the industry
  • Improve contribution of rail to UK economy encouraging a commercial and competitive climate

The work stream is currently focused on three main areas:

  1. Review of Charges – to inform ORR’s next periodic review by presenting RDG’s conclusions on the current charges and incentives regime.
  2. Track access rights – to review the expression of access rights within the contractual framework and to provide an industry forum for discussing the access rights re-opener proposed by ORR
  3. EU policy and engagement – to agree RDG positions on EU policy issues and coordinate engagement activities across the industry


As part of the Review of Charges, we have now completed the first phase of the project – the RDG vision. This vision sets out the industry’s long-term vision for track access charges and helps inform the Office of Rail Regulation’s (ORR’s) next regulatory review (the 2018 periodic review). Find out more about the RDG's Review of Charges.

Other documents

Members of the CRR working group

Chair: Paul Plummer (RDG)
RDG Lead: Jonathan Chatfield
Members: Dominic Booth (Abellio), Elizabeth De Jong (RDG), Garry Dunlop (Keolis), Hugh Clancy (FirstGroup), Jeremy Long (MTR), Joanna Whittington (Office of Rail Regulation), Jonathan Hulme (RDG), Lindsay Durham (Freightliner), Nigel Jones (DB), Paul Collins (Dept for Transport), Peter Swattridge (RDG), Richard McClean (Arriva), Richard Miller (Virgin Trains), Richard Stuart (Go-Ahead), Sam McCarthy (Stagecoach)

Minutes from CRRWG meetings

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