Where Can I Go and Restrictions

Updated - 26 May 2017

This page contains documents to help you understand how and when you can use your Rail Staff Travel privileges.

Where Can I Go?
The main travel facilities entitlements for Active/Retired safeguarded staff and their eligible family members (including widow/ers) and for TOC non-safeguarded active staff and their eligible family members.
Travel Tips for Europe
Useful information on where you can (or can't) go, and how to book (updated 22 May 2017)

For more information about International Rail Ltd's services, phone them on 0871 559 1075 (10p a minute from a UK landline); email them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or go to www.bookmyrst.co.uk.
Staff Travel Restrictions - Winter 2016/17
Restrictions on the use of UK travel facilities
Staff Travel Restrictions - Summer 2017
Restrictions on the use of UK travel facilities
Travel Irregularities
Guidelines on what constitutes a TI, what penalties might apply and so how to avoid committing one.
What Happens When I Leave?
Guidelines on whether or not you might keep your national travel facilities when you leave the railway.
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