CRA 2012 winner - Cycle-Rail Video

Garforth Tour de France

Northern Rail’s Summer of Cycling activities have been well captured in this entertaining and inspiring piece of videography. Our judges have deemed it an excellent project, with a great concept and well executed.

The video uniquely demonstrates how a well-organised cycling event can have a powerful and uniting effect on a local community, and shows how cycling can appeal to a broad spectrum of people – from the under-fives to the over 75s.

It really captures the spirit of the event, showing how cycling can be fun, a great way to make friends and help you explore new areas right on your doorstep – and of course further afield when linked to rail.

In 2011, Northern Rail was one of over 100 stations awarded £1.25m to improve their facilities under the Bike ‘n’ Ride scheme. During that summer, it decided to support ten of its stations under the “Summer of Cycling” theme, raising public awareness of the new cycling facilities in place and encouraging the local population to try Cycle-Ride. The station featured in the video is Garforth, and soon it found itself at the centre of a flurry of events, with a locally-led cycle ride culminating in a French picnic to celebrate the Tour de France taking place at the time.

Dubbed the “Tour de Garforth”, the event really captured public imagination, attracting 65 cyclists and the support of 10 local organisations including the local bike shop, which helped make some bikes road-worthy ahead of the ride and the local police who managed the traffic at busy junctions during the event.The resulting video is clear evidence of how a structured and inspiring local programme of cycling campaigns can be delivered with the support of local organisations to promote the benefits of cycling and local facilities available.In all, 55 partnerships were involved, from Northern Rail Cycle Forum members to cycling officers, the emergency services and the community of Garforth. Northern Rail hopes the video will serve as a blueprint for best practice and show how a bit of creativity can go a long way to realising your Cycle-Rail ambition.

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