CRA 2013 winner - Best Customer Service

Chelmsford, Greater Anglia

Greater Anglia (a subsidiary of Abellio) have, in just 18 months, dramatically overhauled and improved customer service for cyclists at its stations and on its trains. The Panel praised Greater Anglia’s cycling strategy and the fact that this initiative is wide-ranging and on-going, not just a one-off project.

The company prides themselves on their pro-cycling customer service policy, which they describe as “deliberately helpful”, and this is demonstrated in the implementation of many revolutionary schemes and facilities. One example, the CyclePoint project at Chelmsford, includes an on-site cycle repair facility and a cycle shop, with friendly and knowledgeable staff, as well as nearly 1,000 cycle parking spaces. Planning permission has been secured to open a similar, bu larger facility at Cambridge with 3,000 parking spaces. There are further plans to open CyclePoints at Norwich, Ely and Colchester.

The company’s investment in cycling has seen an expansion of cycle parking facilities, with 88% of all Greater Anglia stations now offering some form of facility. Across the network this amounts to over 7,000 spaces and there are plans to increase this number in the next 15 months.

Cycle hire is also now available at 12 stations, with plans to open more hire facilities in the near future. The selection of stations taking part in the Bike & Go cycle hire scheme was very well considered, as they are commuter stations such as Broxbourne and tourist hotspots such as Southend.

All of these initiatives are designed to give the customer exceptional service and go above and beyond Greater Anglia’s franchise requirements.

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