CRA 2013 winner - Cycle-Rail Photograph (1)

Catherine Murphy

The judges were impressed with Catherine’s use of colour and the framing and composition of the bicycle. Catherine scored highest out of all of the photography competition entrants in both the technical and artistic categories.

In describing the message behind this photograph Catherine explained: “The integration between the train and the bicycle is conveyed through how the train is framed within the wheel of my bike. I think that my photograph gives off an obvious message that public transport does not necessarily have to be a hassle.”

As a keen amateur photographer, Catherine took this photograph using a Canon EOS 550D with a 18-55mm lens, then used Photoshop tools to create the overall effect.

This photograph illustrates the cycle-rail concept. The bleak grey of a cold station contrasts with a burst of sunlight as the train pulls into view, and the cycle-rail journey can begin.

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