CRA 2011 winner - Partnership Working

Northern Rail

Northern Rail’s approach to cycle stakeholder engagement is a well known best practice example. Through their work with the Northern Cycle-Rail Forum they have gone well beyond consultation.

The forum is a partnership helping to develop and implement solutions to cycle-rail issues and has been an effective tool to both the train company and cyclists in achieving their goals. The judges were not just impressed with this but with the list of 57 listed partners in the submission. Northern’s approach to cycle-rail integration doesn’t just focus on a single project. Their approach is at the heart of all cycling projects, engaging with local communities as part of a consultative process to ensure that the delivered results meet expectations.

Developing a strong cycle-rail integration proposition helps Northern reinforce its vision of “realising the true potential of local rail as the most sustainable means of connecting people to opportunities”.

Partnership working is central to the strategic delivery of all cycle-rail activities at Northern. During this year, Northern has demonstrated how it has involved many organisations to develop their cycling strategy: delivering their Bike ‘n’ Ride project; launching Leeds CyclePoint and introducing the St Ambrose College school registration scheme.

Examples of partnership working by Northern during 2010-11:

  • The Northern Rail Cycle Forum meets three times per year to understand and meet the needs of cyclists across the Northern network. The Forum has 35 regular attendees and was responsible for delivering and publishing Northern’s Cycling Strategy
  • The Bike ‘n’ Ride project delivered secure, sheltered cycle parking for 111 stations around Leeds. They adopted a consultative process involving up to 10 people visiting each station to ensure facilities met the needs of local stakeholders
  • The Summer Series local marketing campaign, delivered at eight Northern stations, involved the support and help from over 50 organisations and many more volunteers
  • A survey of more than 350 people through their Summer Series campaign identifying barriers to cycle-rail issues
  • Leeds CyclePoint was delivered with partnership funding and support from Network Rail, Abellio, Northern and Metro
  • Working in partnership with St Ambrose College, the Mid-Cheshire Community Rail partnership and Northern conductors, Northern delivered the first school registration scheme to ensure pupils could take their bikes on the train to schools
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