CRA 2012 winner - Operator of the Year

Southern Railway

Commending Southern’s entry for Operator of the Year, the judges were keen to highlight the pace of delivery and innovation standout across the TOC’s bike parking facilities.

The promotion of cycling across the network has been a particular priority for Southern in 2012. With the numbers of people cycling to the train station growing rapidly the operator identified a need to boost the provision of cycle parking spaces.

This would require careful planning due to the very limited availability of land at its stations. Many Southern sites already had shelters, so a very unique solution had to be found to increase their capacity while making the new facilities visually attractive.

Southern met with Cycle-Works to discuss using the Josta two-tier system already found at London Euston and Liverpool Street, Glasgow Central and Edinburgh Waverley stations but not widely used in smaller commuter sites. Considering the space constraints and aesthetic concerns, Cycle-Works designed a new modern shelter and powder coated the two-tier frameworks black to make them more attractive – particularly important at stations like Hove.

Since the shelters have been installed, Southern has met its objectives of increasing the amount and quality of secure cycle parking at many of its stations to cope with mounting demand and encourage even more people to consider Cycle-Rail travel.

The increase in provision is extremely visible at stations like Sutton, Horsham, Brighton and Haywards Heath, while at other sites, like Bognor Regis, existing bike parking has been rationalised, making it more secure and easier to signpost and for customers to locate.

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