CRA 2011 winner - Operator of the Year

South West Trains

The judges were impressed with the lengths South West Trains go to, both on and off trains, to accommodate cyclists and deliver a great service to them.

Through partnership working, they have delivered more cycling facilities than any other train company and have shown innovation with new concepts such as Brompton Dock, a vending machine for hiring folding cycles at Guildford Station.

South West Trains has always been proactive in encouraging cycle-rail integration and this year has worked to encourage greater use at stations by delivering additional facilities, opportunities and linking these into local authority highway schemes.

Through partnership working with ATOC and local authorities, South West Trains has delivered around 1,500 additional
 bike spaces, introduced three cycle hire schemes and installed six new secure cycle compounds. There have
 been improvements at 30 stations which have resulted in approximately 50% of passengers coming through South West Trains stations benefiting from improved facilities. The infrastructure schemes are complemented by behavioural change initiatives such security tagging, Bike Breakfasts and Bike Surgeries.

South West Trains aim to encourage greater cycle usage to and from stations and to give people an opportunity to consider cycling as their preferred choice of travel to the station.

This has been achieved by:

  • Identifying new opportunities to promote cycling such as extending trains and carrying out on-board and station announcements for major cycling events
  • Working with local authorities to improve cycle signage around stations
  • Ensuring that cycle areas on trains and stations are kept clear of luggage, signed and available for use
  • Re-issuing Cycle Policy to ensure passengers have a clear understanding of provision
  • Making the most of funding through partnership working including ATOC, TfL, local authorities and Brompton Dock.

There has been a transformation of cycle facilities and cycle usage to the stations as a result of these measures. Through Bike ‘n’ Ride, South West Trains has seen a 10% growth in overall usage and a 9% modal shift to cycles increasing on what were already high usage figures. The Bike ‘n’ Ride report also shows how much the passengers are delighted with the new facilities and South West Trains states that it intends to continue working in partnership to deliver further infrastructure schemes and new initiatives to continue the modal shift towards cycling.

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