CRA 2011 winner - Cycling Champion

Ian Hall and Phil Dominey

This year’s Cycling Champion award was fiercely contended with nine nominations for five candidates, all of whom where worthy winners. In the end the judges were unable to distinguish between the final two candidates and we have two joint winners.

Ian Hall, Northern Rail

Ian Hall is an enthusiastic advocate of cycling both within the Northern Rail Cycle Forum and in his dealings with members of the public interested in cycling issues.

Ian became joint chair of the Forum with Paul Salveson in late 2009, taking over as Chair in January 2010. During late 2009, he acquired responsibility for managing the Northern Rail Bike ‘n’ Ride project, under which better cycle parking facilities have been installed at 111 stations in the Leeds area.

Both as Chair of the Forum and in his stewardship of the project, Ian has demonstrated more than a duty of commitment to the work and, in particular, to seeking solutions to questions and issues raised by Forum members, customers and partners. A few examples of Ian’s work in the past couple of years illustrate the extent to which he has gone out of his way to promote cycle-rail integration.

Soon after taking over as Forum chair, Ian extended the Northern Rail website to include a “Cycling” link. Within this he has set out resources useful to cycle users and established a link to the voluntary Northern Rail Cycle Forum.

When it became clear that the Bike ‘n’ Ride project could not provide facilities at Hornbeam Station because of a lack of space, Ian contacted the local authority and agreed to site facilities on local authority land adjacent to the platform. When a Forum member in mid-Cheshire raised the problem of local children wanting to take bikes on trains to school, Ian pioneered the first UK school cycle registration scheme.

He has arranged for voluntary ‘Pedal Ready’ cycle trainers to have railway passes to enable them to get round the region to do their work.

Ian has enhanced the three-times a year Forum meetings by introducing a regular social bike ride, usually after the meeting. This unites members and reminds everyone why they volunteer.

As well as initiating the Summer Series of bike events to promote new Bike ‘N’ Ride facilities, Ian took part in some events, notably the evening social ride at Garforth timed to coincide with the Tour de France. Ian appeared on his bike wearing beret and striped T-shirt to lead the way.

His actions and work have raised the profile of cycling within Northern Rail, enhanced the status and influence of the Forum and promoted the message to all those who have come in contact with the company and the Forum that there is a “can-do” mentality towards cycling. While it is not always possible to achieve precisely the outcome that complainants and enthusiasts want, Ian communicates willingness to work to find a solution.

Nominated by Les Webb & Simon Geller, Joint Secretaries, Northern Rail Cycle Forum

Phil Dominey, Stakeholder Manager, South West Trains

Cycling is not the main part of Phil Dominey’s role within South West Trains (SWT) . However, through partnership working with local authorities, ATOC, Transport for London (TfL), Sustrans and cycle companies, SWT has transformed cycle access to stations with three cycle hire schemes, six new secure cycle compounds and 1,500 new bike spaces across their network.

Phil wrote the successful bid for the DfT Bike ‘n’ Ride project, which formed the basis for the cycle transformation. This was further developed through partnership working to not only raise additional funds for the projects but also to link up to complementary schemes such as cycle networks and routes to and from stations and to deliver improved and secure cycle parking provision at those stations.

Phil has looked wherever possible to link up with new cycle routes such as Hilsea and St Denys and to engage with cycle initiatives such as a new mobile cycle repair facility at Southampton Central and Salisbury.

All of these initiatives have resulted in a 10% growth in overall usage. and the Bike ‘n’ Ride evaluation also shows how much passengers are delighted with the new facilities. This has resulted in Local Transport Fund bids submitted by local authorities including future working with SWT to continue the partnership working – all have cited the successful relationship with SWT to meet their Local Transport Plan and Station Travel Plan objectives.

"Eastleigh Borough Council has been working with Phil Dominey for many years. Over this period of time, his commitment to encouraging cycling to railway stations has been full of enthusiasm. Locally he sits on the Three River Rail Partnership, playing a fundamental role within the group and he has also helped in the creation of station travel plans for Eastleigh, Southampton Airport Parkway and Chandler’s Ford stations, working with us to deliver actions within the plans,” said Sarah Wallbridge, Eastleigh Borough Council

"Phil was given the unenviable task of being lumped with the first Brompton hire pilot in Waterloo some three years ago. From the start, Phil took the time to understand what we were trying to achieve both with the Waterloo pilot and with the project in the widest sense. He got what we hoped to achieve and his incredible passion, energy and enthusiasm slowly began to win over all the sceptics and by some miracle the pilot got off the ground.

From the first days at Waterloo to the stage we are now at with the first Dock in Guildford, one soon to go in to Manchester and others to follow in Ealing, Hounslow and Greenwich, Phil has been the man who, not for personal gain, has put in time and effort to support us to get the project off the ground. All in all he has gone well beyond the call of duty in supporting our project and I strongly believe that his motivation is that he believes in the principles and wants to see integrated transport and more people on bikes,” said Will Butler-Adams, Managing Director, Brompton Bicycle Ltd

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